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Niggas be like ”He don’t bite” 

"He still a baby"

"he won’t hurt you, just pet him"

That’s not a dog it’s a lion o_o

I’ve had dogs bound up to me like that and all they did was give me a hug and lick my face.Hell I had a wolf (genuinely, it was at a wolf sanctuary) do this to me one time.

Plus, look at how sturdy that leash is, and the grip he has on it. He’s making sure the dog doesn’t jump on anyone. Dude’s just got a big dog.

That dog’s tail is wagging a mile a minute. It’s not being aggressive, it’s just getting a little over excited.
That being said, it can be extremely intimidating to have such a large animal jump at you like that even if it is just trying to say hello.
This kid understands that and has a very good hold on his dog. He isn’t alarmed or surprised by the dog’s actions. The dog isn’t acting out of the ordinary. It’s just excited.

Nature 🌲🌿

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Smart phones are making us antisocial. [x]

Yeah, but they are all possibly talking to other people using their smart phones and potentially educating themselves simultaneously. I mean, they all have the means to do so, at least.

Just saying. I mean I get it, but how do we know all of those people are educated enough to actually be interesting to one another or serve any type of intellectual benefit whatsoever?

The way we communicate now is different. Intelligence among well-informed individuals is more widely dispersed now than they were in the first image. Times have changed, indeed.

Our species needs, and deserves, a citizenry with minds wide awake and a basic understanding of how the world works… - Carl Sagan


Everyone you meet knows something you don’t. - Bill Nye

What we are actually witnessing in these seemingly contrasting images is a species in development. Like watching any species during an intermediate stage of its life, we’re in the midst of a cultural revolution by which the human species has become more enabled to participate and advance its own knowledge about its environment, existence, and capability to influence and interact with and improve upon it.

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I disagree. Our society is what it is and we’ve been able to accomplish what we have due to our social nature to communicate, ask questions, and collaborate.

What I didn’t expand on with my comments was that we read newspapers to grasp for information due to our natural inclination to become more aware of the world around us, whether it be the coming weather, disputes and warfare amongst our neighbors near and far, social interaction/play (sports/games, gossip), latest technological developments (which include other industries influenced such as fashion, tools, all different spin offs of art/design), and far deeper interests that remain immediately relative: our past/origins involving anthropology, paleontology, astronomy, “the hard sciences”, etc.)…all of the aforementioned directly correspond to our propensity for survival and feed/fuel our curiosity.

The difference between the images is that the newspaper only benefitted us until we’ve read through it all, it was finite. Now (the second image), we have an information resource of abundance; in fact, a near unlimited source of reference which isn’t bound by borders, zoning, city limits, or continents.

And to compliment this, we are all sharing this digital library by which everyone plugged in continually adds to it and aids in it’s viral expansion. With so many people connected, we are able to communicate faster with each other from all around the world at any time.

What we do with this technology obviously has it’s pros and cons. We can obviously spread false information, but with better peer review methods and faster capability, we can correct and fact check each other more efficiently, leading to a more robust network of constantly updated information and thus - especially when used to transform the way we educate children - a more aware, scientifically literate civilization working in synergy with each other; therefore, becoming an entirely new kind of evolving social structure.

Whether the OP’s intentions were satirical or not, I just thought it would be a nice breakdown to speak on “the times” in reflection of how we truly have been always curious, thirsty for more information and social interaction. It just so happens that we now have a hybrid of both through the advent of the internet and mobile technology.